About Us

Montemayor-Hansen, Garcia, Villafranco & Associates originated when Richard P. Hansen began his Engineering and Surveying practice in 1948. Mr. Hansen’s knowledge of engineering and surveying expanded into Mexico with his affiliation with the Mexican Society of Engineers as well as the academic realm. As an instructor at Monterrey Tech and Universidad de Nuevo Leon he taught courses in the fields of Civil Engineering and Land Surveying. Antonio A. Garcia was a principal with the company responsible for project management and client services.

After graduating from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering in 1968, Manuel J. Montemayor worked with the Texas Highway Department as an assistant project engineer under Tom Hanna the Resident Engineer for Willacy County. In 1972 he formed Montemayor Engineering Inc. offering services in Civil Engineering and Land Surveying. Less than a decade later, in 1980, Montemayor Engineering Inc. merged with Richard P. Hansen Consulting Engineers & Surveyors to form Montemayor-Hansen, Garcia & Associates. In 1999 the firm merged it’s talents with Guadalupe Villafranco’s 20 years of experience and knowledge of land surveying in South Texas…becoming Montemayor-Hansen, Garcia, Villafranco & Associates.

Passed on to a new era of engineering and entrepreneurialism, today the firm is lead by President and CEO Manuel J. Montemayor, P.E./R.P.L.S., alongside his son, Manuel A. Montemayor and management personnel with backgrounds ranging from engineering and surveying, to planning.

Manuel A. Montemayor is responsible for the business development functions at M-H-G-V & Associates as well as co-managing the real estate investment portfolio for Montemayor Investments. Prior to joining M-H-G-V & Associates he served with the Trade Development Division of the Port of Houston Authority. At POHA he worked as a trade development liaison to Mexico, specifically the Monterrey and Mexico City markets. Additional experiences include small business startups in Honolulu, Hawai’i as well as import/distribution sales management of construction aggregate out of the Port of Brownsville. He is a Brownsville native and holds a B.A. in Management and M.B.A. with a concentration in International Trade from Texas A&M International University.